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As a leading knowledge platform for laboratories in the Benelux, LabVision Magazine provides customers with a professional printed medium to inform end users in the Dutch language about their practical experiences with the solutions of the LabVision members. In addition, the members share information about their products and services in the recommendations section. There is also editorial space for special promotions, offers, exhibitions and events. LabVision is a proud media partner of FHI, a Dutch industry federation in amongst others the field of laboratory technology.

The primary target group consists of Laboratory Managers, (Head) Analysts, Researchers and Technicians working in research, (quality) control, contract and company laboratories conducting analyses in the field of food and drugs, (petro) chemicals, pharmaceuticals, clinical chemistry, microbiology, materials, environment (water, air, soil), energy and agriculture and horticulture. A secondary target group is formed by Purchasers and laboratory-oriented facility service providers.

LabVision magazine is free for professional subscribers and sent on personal title 8 times a year to the appr. 8,500 business contacts of the current members. With a co-reading factor of at least 3, the reach in the Benelux is 25,000+. The composition of the reader file is actively maintained and supplemented with new contacts from the customer relationship files of the members. Apart from a printed and digital magazine, LabVision maintains a website and a lively LinkedIn platform.

For international businesses and government agencies, there is the opportunity to place advertisements and add leaflets. The number of ad placements is limited per edition. For available options, planning and rates, you are welcome to contact us in English via

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